I Have Kept the Faith

I Have Kept the Faith

This page is dedicated to the memory of preachers who have proclaimed the gospel faithfully throughout their lives.  These sermons are from some of our
favorite speakers.  We must say thank you to those wonderful people who preached the sermons and also to the families and congregations that helped us obtain the tapes of these outstanding sermons.

By Robert B. (Bobby) Duncan

  1. I Have Kept The Faith
  2. The Bible vs. Creeds
  3. Things Made Clear in Acts 2
  4. Salvation by Grace
  5. The Church's Number One Problem
  6. How To Avoid Regrets
  7. What God Has Said Is True
  8. Is Life Worth Living?
  9. Things By Which-
  10. Sinners Are Not Saved
  11. Redeeming The Time
  12. Questions & Answers

By Jackie Fox

  1. Blessed Are the Merciful
  2. Faith's Hall of Fame
  3. Instrumental Music  ( 1 )
  4. Instrumental Music ( 2 )
  5. Prayer
  6. Restoring the New Testament  Church
  7. What Must I Do To Be Saved?
  8. Forsake Not the Assembly

By Andrew Connally

  1. The Church as God Would Have It
  2. In Christ; A New Creature
  3. The Youth
  4. The Great Commission
  5. He Went About Doing Good
  6. J. Noel Merideth
  7. Faith
  8. Four Principles of Life
  9. Relevancy and Modernity of the Bible

By Franklin Camp

  1. The Lamb
  2. Providence
  3. Remember Now Thy Creator
  4. John 3:16  Love

By Winfred Clark

Serving With Zeal
Teachings of Jesus
The Great Commission
The Faith of Abraham
Are You Fit To Be Tied?


By Guy N. Woods

  1. Security of the Believer
  2. Mid-East Background

By Bill Cline

  1. Three Eternal Principles

By W. N.  "Bill"  Jackson

  1. According To The Pattern

By Batsell Barrett Baxter

  1. Sin and Its Effects

By Foy Smith

  1. The Lost Book