Gospel Meetings Sermons

Hatton Church of Christ

Sermons From Our Gospel Meetings

Corandle Johnson

  • The Greatest Provider
  • The Greatest God
  • The Greatest Battle
  • The Greatest Need
  • The Greatest Church
  • The Greatest Day

Bill Bagents

  • Reasons To Be Glad
  • A Complaint Free Church
  • When I Am Difficult To Love
  • Attitudes That Make Or Break The Family
  • Jesus Is The Answer

Steve Shelton

  • Teaching
  • Must I Stir You Up?
  • Are There Contradictions In The Bible?
  • Wonderful Jesus
  • The Greatest Sin
  • Tomorrow

Ted Burleson

  • Psalm  73
  • Betrayal, Denial, and Complacency
  • Psalm 23
  • Submission and the Home
  • Insturmental Music
  • Baptism

Garland Elkins

  • The Need To Edify
  • Some Great Things of Pentecost
  • The Greatest Question Ever Asked
  • The Exclusive Church
  • Enemies of the Cross
  • Lessons From Paul

Bill Threet

  • Shoes
  • Salvation
  • A Masquerade Party
  • Can We See The Bible Alike

Vance Hutton

  • What Grace Demands of Me
  • Lives Changed by the Cross
  • Why I want You To Go To Heaven

Lance Cordle

  • Revelation
  • Redemption
  • Remission
  • Restoration
  • Relationships
  • Resurrection

B. J. Clarke

  • Joy
  • The Sacrifice of Christ
  • Restoring New Testament Christianity
  • Four Weighty Words
  • Life's Greatest Questions***
  • Who is My Mother and Who Are My Brethren?***

***We apologize to you and to Brother Clarke that these sermons end abruptly because they were recorded on short tape media.

Steve Shelton

  • Obedience
  • The Conversion Of Saul
  • What Must I Do To Be Saved?
  • Five Chairs
  • Essentials For Christian Living
  • Living Lost

Speaker  W. T. Allison

  • The Only Church
  • Revival
  • Reason Behind The Results
  • The Home
  • Heaven

Speaker Kelby Smith

  • Parental Responsibility
  • The Reality of Heaven and Hell
  • After Baptism, What?
  • Does God Keep His Promises
  • Mistakes Parents Often Make

Speaker  Stan Dean

  • The Purpose of the Church
  • Luke 15, The Lost Things
  • 7 Problems of Society
  • The Home
  • The Second Coming of Jesus
  • 4 New Testament Tragedies

Speaker:  Joel Caudle
These sermons are currently offline

  • How to Win The Victory  (Asa, the King)
  • You Are Special
  • Seven Blunders of the World
  • The Home
  • A Challenge to Our Youth
  • The Rapture