God Created The World

Everything on the earth has a beginning.  Your beginning was when you were born.  God's book, the Bible, has
a book of beginnings that is called Genesis.  In this book of the Bible we can find out about the beginning of many things.

In the very beginning God made the heavens and the earth,  but the earth was not ready for people to live on it.  It was very dark and water covered the land.  So God said "let there be light" and then there was light so we could see.  God named the light day and he named the darkness night.  It was good and it pleased God.  This was the first day.

Then God made a space above the earth.  This is where the birds would soon fly.  God took some of the water from the earth and put it the sky.  Today when it rains some of that water falls from the sky.  God called this space the firmament.  He did this on the second day and it was good also.

On the third day God made dry land by separating the waters and the land.  He called the dry ground earth and the waters were called seas.  Then God made the grasses and trees grow from the ground.  God saw that all of this was good too.

The next day God made the sun, moon and stars.  He made the sun to shine during the day and give lots of light so that the plants could grow.  He made the moon to give a little light at night time.  He also made the stars to shine at night.  Now the earth was beginning to be very beautiful.  This was the fourth day.

On the fifth day God made the whales, birds, and creeping things.  Everything was almost done.

On the sixth day God made the animals of the field.  This would be animals like the cow, the dog, the sheep, and the horse.  Then God took some of the dust from the ground and made a man.  He breathed into the man's nose and he came alive.  God named the man Adam.  God had all the animals to pass by Adam.  As they passed by Adam would name them.  Adam named all of the animals.  God saw that Adam might be lonely because he was the only human on the earth.  So God caused Adam to go sound asleep.  While Adam slept, God took a rib from his side and made a woman from it.  God gave the woman to Adam for a wife.  He called her name Eve.  They were very happy.

God had made the world and everything in it.  He saw that it was very good.  Then on the seventh day God rested and did not work.